Visual Essay: Conceptual self portrait

The describing words I chose were Fashion, Vibrancy and Visual.

I would describe myself as a visual person. The way I dress, speak, the music I listen to and how I wear my makeup all visually show my personality. I’m usually clad with complicated prints, colorful & unique hairstyles and a simple cat-eye. Whatever I wear usually describes my mood for the day or image I want to portray. Though only by looking at me, many would think I’m just a fashionable, non-meat eating 21 year old. (I love meat by the way and don’t know how anyone comes to that conclusion) Though I am fashionable, there is more to me then that. My mom is from Guyana (the land of many waters) and I get a lot of my inspiration from her country. Guyana is full of colors, prints and vibrant spirits. I wanted to represent the culture in my images. I incorporated a lot of prints and collages because I also wanted to add some fashion into my images.


Black & White

The first picture is simple black and white. The fish represent me. I’m Pisces so my symbol is 2 fish, representing ying and yang. Many don’t know how inspired I am about Asian culture (korea in particular) so having koi fish, represents my love for Asian culture too. They represent what you see and what you don’t see. I chose to use the background of a previous image I made because  I thought this image expressed best what I wanted to say. Though there are a lot of complicated print and everything seems just black and white, There are always gray areas that you may or may not see. Even though the image is only in black and white, you can still feel the vibrancy I wanted to display.


The City Sleeps

The 2nd image shows more about me. In the city silhouette you can see 3 sets of words. Brooklyn, which represents where I was born. O-town, which represents where I currently live and Fashion institute of Technology, where I want to be in the future. The side profile of “me” shows all my thoughts and things that are important to me. The background is a chaotic collage of rebels and fashion icons that represent how youth think today.

Ve_Drft_Rutherford4 Ve_final_Rutherford3

To express my love for everything zombies and marvel comics, I decided to do a collage that was eye catching and comic book like. I added silhouettes of cheerleading and text that also showed my personality to create this. In the 2nd version I overlaid the picture with a gradient that made it look inverted. I also cropped the shot in more so that the focal point of me was bigger. In both versions I added a picture of me that stands out from the rest of the image to show that even though there may be chaos and vibrancy I’ll always stand out more.


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