When I first worked on my photomontage, I thought a lot about how I wanted it to look. I wanted it to be translated back to fashion and so I did a lot of layering and symmetry to represent some ways in which fashion thinks.

mon_1rutherford    mondraft_rutherford1

These images didn’t really follow the rule of thirds since I was going for a look that was more about symmetry.  I like the effect of the “transparent shadow” of the leaves. I like the effect of when I added the pattern and saturations.

mon_2Rutherford   mondraft_4Rutherford

This picture is similar to the first, having “transparent shadow” but I played up the symmetry with the identical leaves on the left. The theme for this image was 2. There is 2 of every object in the image. With patterns this image became completely different. I think it transformed into something cooler and I like the effect of going from too strong patterns to no pattern to a less strong pattern.

mon_3Rutherford  mondraft_3Rutherford

This image was a simple image with that somewhat followed the rule of thirds. This image shows a lot of space.  When all of the patterns were added I think it made the image better. It gave it more of a 3D feel and brought it to life. This one reminded me the most about fashion because of how I mixed the many patterns with a pop of color.

mon_4Rutherford  com_Rutherford5-Recovered

This image (In its original form) is my favorite of the bunch. It feels as if you can literally just copy this image unto a piece of clothing. I played with the different sizes of leaves and wheels. To me the focal point is the 2nd medium sized wheel. When I added the gradients, saturation and patterns I think it completely changed the look of the image.


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