Digital Artist

Adhemas Batista is in the business of selling colors. Batista is a self taught digital artist and illustrator who was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At the age of 15, Batista taught himself design and programming skills at an internship. By the age of 20, Batista opened his own web design agency with his brother. He is most known for his vibrancy, bright colors and illustrative style.

Batista has worked for advertising agencies, design studios and interactive shops all around the world. He’s worked with brands like Havianas, Nordstrom, Coca Cola, Absolut Vodka, Microsoft, Adobe and Sony just to name a few. He has developed skills in creative and art direction, illustration, photo manipulation and photography (his current passion). He has won many awards such as The Golden Lion in Cannes Festival in 2009, two Gold Statues in the London International Awards, One Show Interactive, The FWA (The Favorite Website of the Day), and was named Brazilian Young Creative in the Cannes Advertising Festival. Batista was selected as the only artist from Brazil to participate in the Coca-Cola Remix project and most recently, was one of 12 international illustrators invited by Microsoft to contribute to the Windows 7 personalization project.

The thing I found interesting about Batista was his colorful artwork. I instantly was captured by the bright colors and fun shapes. I was also very familiar with his artwork and surprised that I didn’t know about him before. I especially like his works with beverage brands like Coca Cola, Roogle and Absolut Vodka because the vibrancy of the packaging makes me want to buy them. I guess you can say he sold me colors.

Adhemas Batista x Absolut Vodka

I'm Selling Colors

Adhemas Batista x Roogle

Adhemas Batista x Microsoft Window 7 Project

Adhemas Batista x Absolut Vodka

Adhemas Batista x Coca Cola


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