Creative Type


The very first image I made I just wanted to play with warping the words/letter. So I decided to give each letter of the word shoes it’s own font and type of shoe. If you look closely you’ll see the different fonts and letters hidden.


For my first image I decided to use the background of a shoe closet and use it for the inside print of the word. The background is a pastel gradient because I wanted to express the fun, quirkiness of the font.


The 2nd image is similar to the first. I used the same background of the shoe closet but this time I chose a different font to was more sophisticated. I also inverted the color after I used a gradient. I also made the word transparent so which made the shoe closet come forward more.

 Crt_typ_Jazzy7 Crt_typ_Jazzy72

The last two images are my favorite. I decided to do a unique font which matched the unique shoes that it was representing. I warped the text to make it look like the shoes were being held up by the word. On the 2nd image I inverted it just because I wanted to see how it would turn out. I love it!! Both images look like I ad in a magazine.


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