My name is Jasmine Rutherford (but you can call me jazzy). I’m cuColordepth0002rrently a Fashion Design major at Westchester Community College who is planning on graduating this year with an associates degree. (9 more classes to go!) I want to transfer to the Fashion Institute of Technology in the city to continue on my way to getting a bachelors in fashion design. In the next 5 years I plan to have graduated from college, with a job working in retail, for a magazine or a designer. In my free time I enjoy blogging/tumbling, looking at clothes and oggling at korean pop boy bands! I also like to cheer and dance in my free time. The thing I’m most proud of myself. I’m proud of who Im turning out to be and what I can do and what I will accomplish in the future. The thing I like the most about school is how you can improve yourself through knowledge and experience but I hate that you have to pay for it! (lol) My ideal job would either be full time blogging while owning my own string of boutiques or working as a stylist (cordi noona) for a korean entertainment company. By the end of this class I’d like to be more experienced in Photoshop and its uses.


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